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Interview With Author Bulbul Bahuguna

Bulbul Bahuguna

Author of The Ghosts That Come Between Us

1. What is your debut novel about? 

My novel is about a young girl who has a tumultuous childhood. She (Nargis) was raised from being raised by a visionary, yet authoritarian father. Growing up, Nargis secures her role as the ‘family favorite’, and she gives her father good reason to anoint her to this special place, which she works extra hard at maintaining. As she thrives on the attention showered by her father, she innocently finds herself thrown into an incestuous relationship with him. Nargis is still a child……. Read More


Truly Appreciate Your Interest and Support As I Embark On a New Journey

Ghosts front cover

Today marks the culmination of my work on The Ghosts That Come Between Us. With the launch of Ghosts, I begin my journey as an author. Thank you for your encouragement not only of my quest for writing but also of the causes that have motivated me to write, especially children and women abuse.

I am anxious to hear your impressions of The Ghosts That Come Between Us. Please be sure to post your reviews on the bookseller sites.

 Best Regards,

Bulbul Bahuguna



As you all know from my prior posts, I am a big fan of this brave Pakistani girl Malala. So I was thrilled when I heard the news that Malala now is the youngest person in history to be nominated to receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The conventional wisdom says Malala is a wild card entry. To have some perspective, the Yemeni peace and women’s activist Tawakkol Karman is the youngest winner having received the 2011 prize at 32. As noted by Berg Harpviken, The Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, “The youngest winners tend to be in their 30s and a 15-year old will be tough one to handle for the committee.”

I am hoping that the Norwegian Nobel Committee will draw inspiration from what has already galvanized people in SWAT, Pakistan, South Asia and indeed around the world. I’ll say to the committee be bold and make history… yet again. On Oct 12 announce Malala Yousafzai to be the winner of 2013 prize and you will have fired the imagination of One Billion girls around the globe who face untold odds in gaining self-reliance through education. And God knows. Malala is familiar with a few girls in SWAT who can use $1.24 million cash!’


The Ghosts That Come Between Us : Pre Order

Ghosts front cover

I’m glad to inform everyone that my website was just upgraded from where you can now Pre-Order my book.


The Author Up Close

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to release my second video today called “The Author Up Close” in which I talk about the novel, why I chose the topic of abuse, and much more! Hope you enjoy it. Can’t wait to read your comments!

The Author Seen Here With HRH The Prince Of Wales At A British Asian Trust Event At The Windsor Castle

2 Bulbul Windsor

Several of my blog readers have enquired if I ever posted about the efforts of Bollywood personalities targeting child abuse and trafficking in India. The short answer is: Yes. I did post a note along with a link on the subject that was forwarded to me by a friend affiliated with British Asian Trust. I am re-posting the note for those who missed it on Dec 10, 2012.

Child Sex Abuse is receiving enormous attention in India. The leading Indian filmmaker, Aamir Khan, has vividly portrayed the plight of abused children through his recently concluded TV series ‘Sataymev Jayte‘ (Truth Alone Prevails). I commend the work of British Asian Trust in tackling the girl abuse and exploitation throughout South Asia.

I am proud of my association with the leadership of British Asian Trust which, under the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales, is doing defining work in reaching out to the vulnerable and at-risk girls. American India Foundation ( and BAT are collaborating on several projects that aim to improve livelihood opportunities, through skill upgrades, among marginalized girls and women in India.

One Billion Rising!!!

1 Billion Rising.

First, Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers.

As someone said, V-Day presents a good opportunity to focus the world’s attention on what happens when “love” goes wrong. Violence against women remains, unfortunately, one of humanity’s biggest problems and shames. In my blog postings over a month ago, I talked about a remarkable woman Eve Ensler, the award winning playwright and activist, as she brought her cause “One Billion Rising” to India in support of the massive protests held to deliver justice to the gangraped, and murdered, Delhi Braveheart. Worldwide, one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That is one billion women…the inspiration behind “One Billion Rising”.

Eve Ensler prophesied, “They are saying if India can do it, so can we. India now is really the vanguard. And I believe we are going to see a massive rising in India with regards to violence against women issue.”

Today, India staged one of the biggest showings of the uprising to break the chain of violence against women as she participated in “One Billion Rising” events around the world on this V-Day. The indefatigable Eve Ensler couldn’t have been prouder. “I don’t get tired,” Ensler says. “Because every time a woman doesn’t die or doesn’t get beaten or raped or honor-killed or acid burned, it’s a huge victory.”

Yesterday, it was heartbreaking to hear as Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of the sitar legend Ravi Shankar, opened up about her own story as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Today, she was at the forefront of the V-Day “One Billion Rising” celebrations dancing with millions of school-going girls as they promoted awareness of violence against women. Way to go Anoushka!